Problems with Ramipril and Hair Loss

Published: 07th April 2007
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If you have been taking ramipril recently then you should be aware that there are some concerns about ramipril and hair loss.

The problem comes from the side effects from the regular use of the drug. Not everyone will experience the side effects but research suggests that 1 - 2% will suffer from ramipril and hair loss.

If you take Ramipril and experience hair loss, tell your doctor immediately. Your doctor can sometimes prescribe other medications that don't have as many side effects or that have different ones. If you take Ramipril and experience hair loss, understand that it is not the end of the world. You are taking Ramipril to potentially save your life and if that means that you have a little less hair, that should be one sacrifice you're willing to live with.

However, if your hair is really important to you, make sure you discuss Ramipril and hair loss with your doctor. By discussing this nasty side effect well in advance, you can hopefully skip that morning when you find you have a hairball stuck to your hairbrush or that your drain is clogged from the hair that should be on your head.

If you're a woman, then Ramipril and hair loss can be especially devastating, but men and women are really no different in that regard. Hair loss can be traumatizing, but again, if the Ramipril is being given to save your life, hair or no hair, listen to your doctor and take the medication so that it can do its job effectively.

There are many drugs on the market today and they are used to treat many ailments each and every day. Sometimes, those medications that we take have side effects. Some are barely noticeable and some are completely devastating or life hindering. The important thing to remember is that the medications prescribed are by a professional so you should never try to alter or not take your correct dosages, even when you are afraid of certain side effects such as Ramipril and hair loss.

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