Subway Restaurants and Subway Coupons

Published: 12th July 2007
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The Subway restaurant is the chain of restaurants which was established in the year 1965 by Fred De Luca and Dr Pete Buck. At Bridgeport, Connecticut in the United States the first restaurant was opened on the August 28.It was initially known as the Pete's Super Submarines. It was in the year 1974 in Wallingford, at Connecticut where the first franchise of Subway was opened. At present there are around 26,500 Subway franchises in around 85 countries and territories all over the world. Subway offers an equipment leasing program as well as franchise fee assistance for the franchisees. The Subway chain helps the existing owners by offering them the relocation and expansion loans. The Subway chain recruits minorities via advertisements in the well known magazines.

About the Subway Chain

The company named Mc Carthy, Mambro Betino Advertising which is located at the Massachusetts in Boston handles the Subway chain's advertising and it the chain's creative agency. Their competitors are the fast food chains Mc Donald, Burger King, Wendy's, Taco Bell, KFC, Quiznos sub and Arby's.

The Delicious Subway Sandwiches

The most popular sandwiches are the Turkey Breast, Italian B.M.T and the fresh toasted favorites include Meatball Marina, the chicken & Bacon Ranch and the Subway Melt. Subway restaurants sell the most delicious variety of foot long sandwiches, salads and wraps that are made of a mixture of meats, cheese, vegetables and toppings. The quality is best at Subway. The sandwiches are made of fresh baked bread and are made in front of the person who orders them and in the way one likes the toppings to be. Subway provides a package exclusively designed for the kids called the Kid's Pak that has a 4 inch round deli style roll, a fruit roll fruit snack, 100% juice box and a toy along with that.


The Subway chain keeps the menu consistent menu all over the world so that the customers can enjoy the same taste in the Subway sandwiches where ever they go. All the subway restaurants are owned and operated by the individuals.

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